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Exam Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices (CIVND)
Number 210-065
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Download Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices (CIVND).passcertification.210-065.2019-09-23.1e.258q.vcex

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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which four features are provided by Cisco TelePresence Management Suite? (Choose four.)

  • A: Scheduling of video conference calls
  • B: Built-in-bridge functionality for multiparty video conferences
  • C: SIP-H.323 protocol interworking
  • D: Centralized management of conference resources
  • E: SMTP email event notification
  • F: Endpoint configuration backup and restore
  • G: Cisco TelePresence endpoint automated redundancy
  • H: Automated resource optimization

Correct Answer: ADEF

Features of Cisco TMS include:
Centralized management of all conferences, impromptu and scheduled, in real time 
Flexible scheduling tools designed to meet the needs of basic users for quick conference creation, including integration with Microsoft Exchange for scheduling through Outlook clients, and to provide advanced conference booking options for sophisticated users 
Robust and flexible phone book management that supports synchronization with a wide range of directories, including external sources for easy contact management 
A selection of ready-to-use reports and support for the creation of fully customizable reports to answer specific business questions 

Question 2

Management wants to modify Cisco TMS to allow users to configure the call behavior with their associated devices and dial from a single ID. Which feature needs to be enabled and configured?

  • A: Smart Scheduler
  • B: Low-touch Provisioning
  • C: FindMe
  • D: CMR Provisioning

Correct Answer: C

With FindMe, you can be reached on any device using a single ID 
You can define your locations and specify which endpoints are available to you in those locations 
You can also specify which endpoints (video and audio only) should ring when someone calls your FindMe ID 
FindMe also allows you to specify additional devices to be called if the default devices are busy or not answered 
Administrators can configure account IDs for each user, set up location and device templates, and choose whether to add new devices to FindMe automatically on provisioning 
You can create FindMe accounts to define forwarding rules for groups such as support desks 
The FindMe portal is located on the Cisco TMS Server, where you can log on with your Active Directory credentials 
You can access your Cisco TMSPE account settings, see your username and video address (Session Initiation Protocol Uniform Resource Locator [SIP URI]), and change your provisioning password. 

Question 3

Refer to the exhibit. 


Which configuration item shown in the exhibit should be used to assign the internal and external video communication server address for this group of users?

  • A: User Settings > Video Address pattern
  • B: Administrative Tools > User Settings
  • C: Configuration Template > Edit Template
  • D: User Import > Configuration

Correct Answer: C


Question 4

Which function does a Cisco TCS recording alias perform?

  • A: It links recorded media to a specified output location.
  • B: It provides a dialable alias that will trigger a TCS recording workflow.
  • C: It sends media to Cisco Medianet.
  • D: It provides an alias for the recorded filename.

Correct Answer: B

Understanding Recording Aliases 
The Content Server records calls and can produce the resulting recordings in a range of formats and sizes for users to watch or download. Creators of recordings can make recordings available to all or selected users. 
To make recordings, creators must use a recording alias. A recording alias defines several properties, including ones related to dialing the Content Server from an endpoint for the recording session; specifying recording outputs; and indicating viewing and editing permissions (see Recording Alias Properties). 
There are two types of recording alias:
System recording aliases, which can be used by any user in the creator or site manager role. 
Personal recording aliases, which have owners in the creator role. Owners can edit certain parts of their recording aliases: recording settings, default recording information, and default recording permissions.

Question 5

A network engineer is setting up a Cisco TelePresence Content Server. The customer requires live streaming, but does not have a streaming server. Which media should be configured to stream locally from the TelePresence Content Server?

  • A: QuickTime
  • B: MPEG-4
  • C: Flash
  • D: Windows Media
  • E: Darwin

Correct Answer: D

Question 6

Which codec is most suitable for a video streaming solution?

  • A: AAC-LD
  • B: G.729
  • C: H.264
  • D: G.711

Correct Answer: C

Question 7

Which three products are compatible with Digital Media Manager? (Choose three.)

  • A: Media Delivery Engine
  • B: Interactive Experience Client
  • C: Show and Share
  • D: Cast
  • E: Digital Signs
  • F: Stadium Vision Director

Correct Answer: CDE

Easily Manage and Publish Digital Media 
Manage, schedule, and publish compelling digital media with Cisco Digital Media Manager, the central management application for all Cisco Digital Media Suite products. This web-based media management application works with:
Cisco Digital Signs 
Cisco Cast 
Cisco Show and Share

Question 8

Which three standards are supported for streaming live video on Cisco TCS? (Choose three.)

  • A: H.265
  • B: H.261
  • C: H.264
  • D: H.263
  • E: H.262
  • F: H.270

Correct Answer: BCD



Question 9

Which benefits does the Capture-Transform-Share solution provide?

  • A: voice conferencing services
  • B: WAN optimization services
  • C: security and firewall services
  • D: video conferencing services
  • E: DNS, DHCP, and AD services
  • F: video on demand and video streaming services

Correct Answer: F

Question 10

Conference solution for video streaming (Choose two)

  • A: TCS
  • B: VCS
  • C: TMS
  • D: TS
  • E: MCU 4500

Correct Answer: AE





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