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Exam Designing and Implementing Cisco Network Programmability
Number 300-550
File Name Designing and Implementing Cisco Network Programmability.CertDumps.300-550.2020-02-02.1e.70q.vcex
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Posted February 02, 2020
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Download Designing and Implementing Cisco Network Programmability.CertDumps.300-550.2020-02-02.1e.70q.vcex

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Demo Questions

Question 1

How are authentication credentials sent in a Cisco APIC REST API authorization request?

  • A: by using OAuth
  • B: in a token in the header
  • C: by using Basic Auth
  • D: in JSON in the payload

Correct Answer: D

Authentication to the REST API for username/password-based authentication uses a special subset of request URIs, including aaaLogin, aaaLogout and aaaRefresh as the Dn target of a POST operation. Their payloads contain a simple XML or JSON payload containing the MO representation of an aaaUser object with attributes name and pwd defining the username and password, for example: <aaaUser name=’admin’ pwd=’insieme’/>. The response to the POSTs will contain an authentication token as both a Set-Cookie header as well as an attribute to the aaaLogin object in the response named token, for which the XPath is /imdata/aaaLogin/@token if encoded as XML. Subsequent operations on the REST API can use this token value as a Cookie named “APIC-cookie” to have future requests authenticated.

Question 2

Which two statements about OpenFlow are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: The OpenFlow flow table contains header fields, counters, and actions
  • B: OpenFlow automatically determines network forwarding rules.
  • C: OpenFlow interfaces with the management plane
  • D: OpenFlow is a southbound protocol
  • E: OpenFlow is an agentless technology, like Ansible
  • F: OpenFlow is a northbound protocol

Correct Answer: AD

For A, 
For D,

Question 3

Where is the node-ui.log stored on the Cisco APIC-EM appliance?

  • A: in the /var/log/grapevine/services/node-ui directory within the container that is running the node-ui instance
  • B: in the Cassandra database instance that is running within the container that is running the node-ui instance
  • C: in the /opt/CSCOapicem/logs/node-ui directory within the Cisco APIC-EM appliance root
  • D: in the /var/log/grapevine/services/node-ui directory within the Cisco APIC-EM appliance root
  • E: in the Cisco APIC-EM Cassandra database instance

Correct Answer: D

Question 4

Drag and drop the technology on the left to its appropriate use case on the right.  

Correct Answer: Exam simulator is required

Question 5

Which network configuration protocol uses JSON as a data representation format?

  • B: SOAP
  • D: HTML

Correct Answer: C

JSON-RPC is an RPC protocol built on JSON, as a replacement for XML-RPC or SOAP. It is a simple protocol that defines only a handful of data types and commands. JSON-RPC lets a system send notifications (information to the server that does not require a response) and multiple calls to the server that can be answered out of order. Example of a JSON-RPC 2.0 request and response using positional parameters.   
Reference: 5.3.2 XML payload format in SOAP

Question 6

Which two statements about the NX-API are true? (Chose two.)

  • A: NX-API supports XML-RPC
  • B: NX-API is enabled by default
  • C: NX-API supports JSON-RPC
  • D: The nxapi_auth cookie expires in 30 minutes.
  • E: NX-API maps to NX-OS NETCONF.

Correct Answer: AC

NX-API is an enhancement to the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series CLI system, which supports XML output. NX- 
API also supports JSON output format for specific commands. 

Question 7

Which two statements about YANG are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: YANG was conceptualized by Jerry Yang, former CEO of Yahoo
  • B: YANG provides security beyond SSL 3.0.
  • C: YANG can be executed similarly to a Python script.
  • D: YANG is used by NETCONF to define objects and data in requests and replies
  • E: YANG represents configuration? Operational, and RPC data.

Correct Answer: DE


Question 8

Which computer security concept is violated when a web server is written that uses the “root” account for all interactions with a Linux system?

  • A: RBAC
  • B: PermitRootLogin
  • C: certificate-based authentication
  • D: principle of least privilege

Correct Answer: A

Question 9

An organization leverages a multivendor network to sell connectivity services using Layer 3 VPN and VPLS. Where possible, the organization wants to use common APIs across vendors, in order to automate the configuration of network services. Which technology should be organization consider for the southbound interface?

  • A: BGP-LS
  • B: OpFlex
  • C: OpenFlow
  • E: PCEP

Correct Answer: ADE

Other technologies for southbound interfaces, such as NETCONF, YANG, PCEP, and BGP-LS, also allow controllers to centrally control networks.   

Question 10

Which statement is used to associate a submodule and a parent module in a YANG data model?

  • A: import
  • B: namespace
  • C: include
  • D: belongs-to

Correct Answer: C

The "include" statement is used to make content from a submodule available to that submodule's parent module, or to another submodule of that parent module. 





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