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Exam Information Storage and Management v4 exam
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File Name Information Storage and Management v4 exam.Braindumps.DEA-1TT4.2019-10-25.1e.30q.vcex
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Download Information Storage and Management v4 exam.Braindumps.DEA-1TT4.2019-10-25.1e.30q.vcex

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Demo Questions

Question 1

When using the erasure coding technique in an object-based storage system, data is divided into 12 data segments and 4 coding segments. 
What is the maximum number of disk drive failures against which data is protected by the configuration?

  • A: 3
  • B: 4
  • C: 8
  • D: 12

Correct Answer: A

Question 2

What is a key advantage of cloning a virtual machine (VM)?

  • A: Ability to run new VMs simultaneously with the same IP address.
  • B: Reduces the time required to create multiple copies of a VM.
  • C: Improves the performance of an existing VM and new VMs.
  • D: Eliminates the need to create multiple snapshots for a VM.

Correct Answer: B

Question 3

A company is using an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) to scan and analyze intrusion events. 
Which IDPS technique uses a database that contains known attack patterns?

  • A: Role-based
  • B: Profile-based
  • C: Signature-based
  • D: Anomaly-based

Correct Answer: C


Question 4

What is a benefit of link aggregation?

  • A: Optimizes fabric performance by distributing network traffic across ISLs.
  • B: Improves ISL utilization by increasing the network traffic on a specific ISL.
  • C: Yields a higher throughput by combining two parallel ISLs into a single physical ISL.
  • D: Saves bandwidth by restricting traffic to a specific potentially congested ISL.

Correct Answer: A


Question 5

Why is it important for organizations to store, protect, and manage their data?

  • A: Reduce the amount of data to be replicated, migrated, and backed up. 
  • B: Rapidly develop and deploy modern applications for business improvement.
  • C: Develop new business opportunities by leveraging existing data.
  • D: Reduce the complexity in managing the data center environment.

Correct Answer: C

Question 6

Which cloud deployment model allows provisioning of a cloud infrastructure only for use by a single organization having multiple consumers?

  • A: Public cloud
  • B: Multi-cloud
  • C: Hybrid cloud
  • D: Private cloud

Correct Answer: D


Question 7

A company plans to deploy a new application in their environment. The new application requires 2 TB of storage space. During peak workloads, the application is expected to generate 4500 IOPS with a typical I/O size of 4 KB. The capacity of each available disk drive is 250 GB. In addition, the maximum number of IOPS a drive can perform at with a 70% utilization is 90 IOPS. 
What is the minimum number of disk drives needed to meet the application's capacity and performance requirements for a RAID 0 configuration?

  • A: 8
  • B: 40
  • C: 50
  • D: 70

Correct Answer: D


Question 8

Which technology decouples the OS, applications, and user state from a physical compute system?

  • A: Application virtualization
  • B: Storage virtualization
  • C: Thin client virtualization
  • D: Desktop virtualization

Correct Answer: D

Question 9

What is the goal of a business continuity solution?

  • A: Reduce the amount of investment in protecting an organization's business-related data.
  • B: Avoid a disaster in a data protection environment to control the loss of data.
  • C: Ensure information availability that is required to conduct vital business operations.
  • D: Eliminate security threats in a data protection environment for continuous access to data.

Correct Answer: C


Question 10

What is a function of the metadata service in an object-based storage device (OSD)? 

  • A: Generates the file system namespace from the file contents.
  • B: Manages both physical and logical disks on which the user data is stored.
  • C: Manages the storage space for all remote clients.
  • D: Maintains the object IDs and file system namespace mappings.

Correct Answer: D





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