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Exam Certified Ethical Hacker v11 Exam
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Download Certified Ethical Hacker v11 Exam.CertDumps.312-50v11.2022-05-07.1e.484q.vcex

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Demo Questions

Question 1

Identify the UDP port that Network Time Protocol (NTP) uses as its primary means of communication?

  • A: 113
  • B: 69
  • C: 123
  • D: 161

Correct Answer: C

Question 2

An organization is performing a vulnerability assessment tor mitigating threats. James, a pen tester, scanned the organization by building an inventory of the protocols found on the organization's machines to detect which ports are attached to services such as an email server, a web server or a database server. After identifying the services, he selected the vulnerabilities on each machine and started executing only the relevant tests. What is the type of vulnerability assessment solution that James employed in the above scenario?

  • A: Product-based solutions
  • B: Tree-based assessment
  • C: Service-based solutions
  • D: inference-based assessment

Correct Answer: C

As systems approaches to the event of biological models become more mature, attention is increasingly that specialize in the matter of inferring parameter values within those models from experimental data. However, particularly for nonlinear models, it's not obvious, either from inspection of the model or from the experimental data, that the inverse problem of parameter fitting will have a singular solution, or maybe a non-unique solution that constrains the parameters to lie within a plausible physiological range. Where parameters can't be constrained they're termed 'unidentifiable'. We specialise in gaining insight into the causes of unidentifiability using inference-based methods, and compare a recently developed measure-theoretic approach to inverse sensitivity analysis to the favored Markov chain Monte Carlo  and approximate Bayesian computation techniques for Bayesian inference. All three approaches map the uncertainty in quantities of interest within the output space to the probability of sets of parameters within the input space. The geometry of those sets demonstrates how unidentifiability are often caused by parameter compensation and provides an intuitive approach to inference-based experimental design.

Question 3

An attacker identified that a user and an access point are both compatible with WPA2 and WPA3 encryption. The attacker installed a rogue access point with only WPA2 compatibility in the vicinity and forced the victim to go through the WPA2 four-way handshake to get connected. After the connection was established, the attacker used automated tools to crack WPA2-encrypted messages. What is the attack performed in the above scenario?

  • A: Timing-based attack
  • B: Side-channel attack
  • C: Downgrade security attack
  • D: Cache-based attack

Correct Answer: B

Question 4

Which of the following DoS tools is used to attack target web applications by starvation of available sessions on the web server? 
The tool keeps sessions at halt using never-ending POST transmissions and sending an arbitrarily large content-length header value.

  • A: My Doom
  • B: Astacheldraht
  • C: R-U-Dead-Yet?(RUDY)
  • D: LOIC

Correct Answer: C

Question 5

Jack, a professional hacker, targets an organization and performs vulnerability scanning on the target web server to identify any possible weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations. In this process, Jack uses an automated tool that eases his work and performs vulnerability scanning to find hosts, services, and other vulnerabilities in the target server. Which of the following tools is used by Jack to perform vulnerability scanning?

  • A: Infoga
  • B: WebCopier Pro
  • C: Netsparker
  • D: NCollector Studio

Correct Answer: C

Question 6

Which of the following incident handling process phases is responsible for defining rules, collaborating human workforce, creating a back-up plan, and testing the plans for an organization?

  • A: Preparation phase 
  • B: Containment phase
  • C: Identification phase
  • D: Recovery phase

Correct Answer: A

Question 7

Clark is a professional hacker. He created and configured multiple domains pointing to the same host to switch quickly between the domains and avoid detection. 
Identify the behavior of the adversary In the above scenario.

  • A: use of command-line interface
  • B: Data staging
  • C: Unspecified proxy activities
  • D: Use of DNS tunneling

Correct Answer: C

A proxy server acts as a gateway between you and therefore the internet. It's an intermediary server separating end users from the websites they browse. Proxy servers provide varying levels of functionality, security, and privacy counting on your use case, needs, or company policy.If you're employing a proxy server, internet traffic flows through the proxy server on its thanks to the address you requested. A proxy server is essentially a computer on the web with its own IP address that your computer knows. once you send an internet request, your request goes to the proxy server first. The proxy server then makes your web request on your behalf, collects the response from the online server, and forwards you the online page data so you'll see the page in your browser.  

Question 8

By performing a penetration test, you gained access under a user account. During the test, you established a connection with your own machine via the SMB service and occasionally entered your login and password in plaintext. Which file do you have to clean to clear the password?

  • A: .X session-log
  • B: .bashrc
  • C: .profile
  • D: .bash_history

Correct Answer: D

File created by Bash, a Unix-based shell program commonly used on Mac OS X and Linux operating systems; stores a history of user commands entered at the command prompt; used for viewing old commands that are executed.BASH_HISTORY files are hidden files with no filename prefix. They always use the filename .bash_history.NOTE: Bash is that the shell program employed by Apple Terminal.Our goal is to assist you understand what a file with a *.bash_history suffix is and the way to open it.The Bash History file type, file format description, and Mac and Linux programs listed on this page are individually researched and verified by the FileInfo team. we attempt for 100% accuracy and only publish information about file formats that we've tested and validated.

Question 9

Chandler works as a pen-tester in an IT-firm in New York. As a part of detecting viruses in the systems, he uses a detection method where the anti-virus executes the malicious codes on a virtual machine to simulate CPU and memory activities. Which type of virus detection method did Chandler use in this context?

  • A: Heuristic Analysis
  • B: Code Emulation
  • C: Scanning
  • D: Integrity checking

Correct Answer: B

Question 10

Internet Protocol Security IPsec is actually a suite pf protocols. Each protocol within the suite provides different functionality. Collective IPsec does everything except.

  • A: Protect the payload and the headers
  • B: Encrypt
  • C: Work at the Data Link Layer
  • D: Authenticate

Correct Answer: C Usage of IPsec Authentication Header format in Tunnel and Transport modes





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