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Exam SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement
Number C_TS452_1909
File Name SAP Certified Application Associate -SAP S-4HANA Sourcing and Procurement.VCEPlus.C_TS452_1909.2021-12-30.1e.80q.vcex
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Posted December 30, 2021
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Download SAP Certified Application Associate -SAP S-4HANA Sourcing and Procurement.VCEPlus.C_TS452_1909.2021-12-30.1e.80q.vcex

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Demo Questions

Question 1

In a multinational corporation there could be several company codes with several purchasing organizations.  
How can you minimize the effort for price condition maintenance within such a group?

  • A: Use a reference info record.
  • B: Use a reference company code.
  • C: Use a reference purchasing organization.
  • D: Use a reference purchasing group.

Correct Answer: C


Question 2

What can you control with the confirmation control key?(Choose two.)

  • A: The document type for inbound deliveries
  • B: Whether a confirmation is a prerequisite for a goods receipt
  • C: Default reminder levels
  • D: The confirmation sequence  

Correct Answer: AD


Question 3

Your company will procure finished goods from a supplier. The supplier will manufacture the product using components shipped fromyour company.  
Which process would you use for this scenario?

  • A: Standard procurement
  • B: Third-party procurement
  • C: Subcontracting
  • D: External processing

Correct Answer: C



Question 4

Your purchasing department wants to monitor overduepurchase orders.  
What are the prerequisites for issuing delivery reminders for a purchase order? (Choose three.)

  • A: Output the purchase order.
  • B: Maintain reminder periods in the purchase order item.
  • C: Maintain purchasing value keys in the purchase order item.
  • D: Set message determination in Customizing and maintain message records.
  • E: Maintain a confirmation control key in the supplier master.

Correct Answer: BCD



Question 5

You would like to create purchasing info records for consumable materials without materialmaster records.  
How must you proceed?

  • A: You specify the relationship between a material group and a supplier.
  • B: You must first create material master records. 
  • C: You specify the relationship between a material type and a supplier.
  • D: You specify a special info category.

Correct Answer: A


Question 6

In which of the following business transactions will you get an error message if you have NOT set up automatic account determination? (Choose three.)

  • A: Goods receipt of consignment stock
  • B: Goods receipt of valuated material
  • C: Material price changes
  • D: Goods issue of valuated material
  • E: Stock transfer from a storage location to another storage location

Correct Answer: ABD


Question 7

Which organizational assignment is mandatory for externalprocurement?

  • A: Plant – Purchasing Group 
  • B: Plant – Purchasing Organization
  • C: Reference Purchasing Organization – Purchasing Organization
  • D: Company Code – Purchasing Organization

Correct Answer: B


Question 8

You want to procure material fromanother plant.  
What purchasing instrument would you use?

  • A: Stock transport order
  • B: Warehouse transfer request
  • C: Warehouse transfer order
  • D: Standard purchase order

Correct Answer: A



Question 9

You are entering a supplier invoice for a purchase order that hasbeen delivered.  
What information can you use as a reference to post the invoice? (Choose three.)

  • A: Purchase order number
  • B: Delivery note number
  • C: Purchase requisition number 
  • D: Sales order number
  • E: Bill of lading number

Correct Answer: ABE



Question 10

How does SAP Fiori achieve the role-based designprinciple? (Choose two.)

  • A: Single complex transactions are decomposed into several discrete apps suited to the user role. 
  • B: The application interface adapts to the size and device used by the user.
  • C: Navigation, personalization, and application configuration are limited to ensure consistency across user roles.
  • D: End users get all the information and functions they need for their daily work, but nothing more.

Correct Answer: AD







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