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Exam ACMT 2016 MAC Service Certification
Number MAC-16A
File Name Apple.MAC-16A.PracticeTest.2018-09-27.25q.vcex
Size 18 KB
Posted Sep 27, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1

How many people can share content in Family Sharing?

  1. Ten
  2. Seven
  3. Six
  4. Five
Correct answer: C

Question 2

Gary purchased a new USB 2.0 input device for his iMac (Late 2013). He installed the software that shipped with the device, but it does not seem to work. He has tried all of the USB ports on the back of the iMac, but the issue persists. Which of the following troubleshooting tools or techniques would help Gary isolate the issue?

  1. Apple Hardware Test
  2. Activity Monitor
  3. Apple Diagnostics
  4. System Information
Correct answer: C

Question 3

Sheryl is configuring a drive on the office server to be used by Time Machine. Each of the Mac computers in the office will be set up to use that network drive. Which of the following network protocols must the server use to make that drive available to Time Machine on each Mac computer?

  1. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  2. Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)
  3. User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
  4. Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)
Correct answer: B

Question 4

Larry just bought a new Mac with OS X Yosemite and wants to transfer his Outlook contacts and home folder documents from a PC running Windows Vista with SP2. You confirm automatic installation in Windows is disabled. What is the next step you will ask Larry to take before attempting to use Windows Migration Assistant?

  1. Disable anti-virus and firewall software on the PC.
  2. Start up the MacBook Pro in Target Disk Mode.
  3. Make sure the contacts are exported in vCard format into the home directory.
  4. Place the PC in standby mode and select it from the list in Migration Assistant running on the MacBook Pro.
Correct answer: D

Question 5

Your customer asks, "What version of OS X do I have to have installed on my older Mac so I can download OS X Yosemite from the App Store?" 
Which of the following is the correct response?

  1. "To download OS X Yosemite from the App Store, you will need to have Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.8 or newer installed."
  2. "To install OS X Yosemite, you will need to download a version of Mac App Store that will run on any version of OS X."
  3. "To download OS X Yosemite, you will need to have OS X Mountain Lion v10.8 installed and App Store running."
  4. "To update to OS X Yosemite, you need to have Mac OS X Leopard v10.5.2 or later already installed on your Macs."
Correct answer: A

Question 6

Which of the following statements about Guest accounts are true? SELECT THREE.

  1. Logging out of the Guest User temporarily saves files to the /Users/Guest.
  2. Logging out of the Guest User deletes the Guest User home folder.
  3. Parental Controls cannot be used on a Guest account.
  4. When FileVault is enabled, the Guest account is limited to the system's default apps.
  5. The Guest account allows others to use the computer temporarily without needing a password.
  6. All features of iCIoud are disabled in the Guest account.
  7. Guest Users cannot make changes to other user accounts, computer settings, or log in remotely.
Correct answer: BEG

Question 7

William is managing systems running OS X at his company. He is distributing a PNG file that is to be used on these company systems as the desktop picture whenever a user logs in. The picture needs to be available to all user accounts set up on each system. In which of the following folders would the PNG file need to be stored on each system?

  1. /Library/Desktop Pictures
  2. /System/Library/Desktop Pictures
  3. /System/Desktop Pictures
  4. /Library/Desktop Pictures
Correct answer: D

Question 8

Henry has verified his Mac can run OS X Yosemite and is ready to upgrade. What should Henry do first?

  1. Download OS X Yosemite from the Mac App Store.
  2. Free up disk space.
  3. Sign in to the Mac App Store.
  4. Back up the Mac.
Correct answer: D

Question 9

Juan attempted to install OS X onto an iMac by copying the hard drive of a different Mac he owns. The prohibitory symbol. What does this indicate?

  1. The iMac is unable to find a startup disk that contains boot files.
  2. The version of OS X is not compatible with the iMac hardware.
  3. The source volume is damaged and cannot be read.
  4. A RAM module is having trouble.
Correct answer: A

Question 10

Which of the following features of OS X will help protect you from downloading and installing malicious software on your Mac?

  1. FileVault2
  2. Gatekeeper
  3. Mission Control
  4. Location Services
Correct answer: A





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