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Exam Project Administration in Jira Server
Number ACP-600
File Name Atlassian.ACP-600.SelfTestEngine.2020-02-04.39q.vcex
Size 346 KB
Posted Feb 04, 2020
Download Atlassian.ACP-600.SelfTestEngine.2020-02-04.39q.vcex

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Demo Questions

Question 1

For the DEV project, Max has these requirements relating to time logging:
  • I need to be able to edit time logs. 
  • I need to be able to delete time logs. 
Which three project permissions does Max need in order to meet these requirements? (Choose three.)

  1. Schedule Issues
  2. Edit All Worklogs
  3. Move Issues
  4. Delete All Worklogs
  5. Work On Issues
  6. Edit All Comments
Correct answer: BDE

Question 2

The extract of a permission scheme is shown below. 
Clare is joining your team to help out as first-level support. Her job will be:
  • Analyze incoming requests 
  • Re-assign requests to subject matter experts 
Which two project roles will she need? (Choose two.)

  1. Editors
  2. Workers
  3. Assigners
  4. Viewers
  5. Assignables
  6. Administrators
Correct answer: CD

Question 3

All projects use a shared permission scheme. 
The Browse Projects permission needs to be updated. Project administrators need to be able to manage access to their own projects. 
What entry should be added to the Browse Projects permission?

  1. Group
  2. Project lead
  3. Project Role
  4. Single user
  5. Application access
Correct answer: B

Question 4

An extract of a permission scheme is shown below. 
Jennifer Evans needs to be able to:
  • Manage project role membership 
  • Log time to issues 
What is the minimum number of project roles she needs?

  1. 3
  2. 1
  3. 4
  4. 2
Correct answer: A

Question 5

Teresa is able to see the Start Progress transition but not the Approve transition on an issue. Her co-worker is able to see both. 
Identify two possible causes why Teresa can NOT see the Approve transition. (Choose two.)

  1. Teresa is not listed in the correct security level for the issue.
  2. Teresa does not have the Transition Issues permission.
  3. Teresa is not in the correct group or project role.
  4. Teresa does not meet the condition on the Approve transition.
  5. Teresa does not have the correct global permission.
  6. Teresa does not have the correct Application access.
Correct answer: BC

Question 6

You are the project administrator for a Software Scrum Project. 
Time Tracking is globally enabled. 
Identify the reason why users are NOT able to log work.

  1. The Log Work field is not present on any project screens.
  2. The users do not have the Work On Issues permission.
  3. Time Tracking on the Scrum board is set to None.
  4. The issues do not have an Original Estimate.
  5. Issue estimation on the Scrum board is set to Story points instead of Original Estimate.
Correct answer: B

Question 7

Tom needs to work on scheduling and reordering future Sprints in a project. 
What are the minimum two permissions that Tom needs? (Choose two.)

  1. Administer Projects
  2. Work On Issues
  3. View Development Tools
  4. Browse Projects
  5. Schedule Issues
  6. Manage Sprints
Correct answer: EF

Question 8

Security levels have already been configured in the Legal project's issue security scheme. 
Now Dave needs to be able to set a particular security level on an issue in the Legal project. Identify three prerequisites for him to be able to do this. (Choose three.)

  1. Dave must be assigned to that particular security level.
  2. Dave must have the Set Issue Security permission in the Legal project.
  3. Dave must have access to the Legal project.
  4. Dave must have a valid Jira Software license.
  5. Issue-level security must be globally enabled by a Jira administrator.
  6. Dave must be the project administrator of the Legal project.
Correct answer: ABE

Question 9

Max and Emma both have Jira Software application access, and they are members of the same groups and project roles in the DEV project. 
However, Max can rank issues on the project's Kanban board, while Emma cannot. 
Which configuration will definitely explain the observed behavior?

  1. Max and Emma have different global permissions.
  2. Only Max has a valid Jira Software license.
  3. Only Max is a project administrator of the DEV project.
  4. Max and Emma are associated with different security levels.
  5. Only Max has been granted the Schedule Issues permission in the DEV project.
  6. Max is a component lead and Emma is a project lead in the DEV project.
Correct answer: E

Question 10

Which statement is correct about archiving a version in Jira?

  1. Versions can be archived only in Jira Software projects, not Jira Business projects.
  2. Archived versions cannot be selected in either the Fix Version/s dropdown, or the Affects Version/s field dropdown.
  3. Archived versions can be selected only in the FixVersion/s field dropdown, not the Affects Version/s field dropdown.
  4. Versions can be archived in Jira only if they do not contain any unresolved issues.
  5. Archived versions will be grouped as Archived Versions in the FixVersion/s field dropdown.
Correct answer: C





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