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Exam Avaya Aura Call Center Elite and Call Center Elite Multichannel Support Exam
Number 7491X
File Name Avaya.7491X.PracticeTest.2019-02-13.39q.vcex
Size 187 KB
Posted Feb 13, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1

Refer to the exhibit. 
You configured vectors in your New York and Denver locations to use Look Ahead Interflow. You want your New York location to interflow to your Denver location if the Denver split has less than 10 calls in queue. After setting vectors in the exhibit you find that calls are interflowing to Denver. 
What would cause calls to interflow to Denver?

  1. The wait-time command in step 3 in Denver is considered a call acceptance command and allowing calls to interflow
  2. The wait-time command in step 1 in Denver is considered a call acceptance command and calls to interflow
  3. The route-to number command in step 6 in New York is allowing calls to interflow to Denver
  4. Step 8 in Denver should be a busy command
Correct answer: C

Question 2

Which two vector variable types are strictly global in scope? (Choose two.)

  1. stepcnt
  2. dow
  3. value
  4. ani
  5. collect
Correct answer: CE

Question 3

You need to troubleshoot Best Service Routing (BSR) vectors for multi-site routing to verify that they are operating as intended. 
Which command would you use to do this?

  1. list trace stations
  2. list trace vector
  3. list trace trunk
  4. list trace trac
Correct answer: D

Question 4

Which vector object can replace the Time of day (TOD) global Vector Variable?

  1. Vector Routing Table
  2. Business Schedule Table
  3. Service Hours Table
  4. Policy Routing Table
Correct answer: C

Question 5

A customer wants to configure their call center for emergencies. 
What action would you advise the call center supervisor to use to configure an alternate call path in case of a disaster?

  1. Set a value variable and change the value assigned using a feature access code
  2. Set a trunk group and change the trunk number using a variable 
  3. Set a vector directory number with a collect-type variable
  4. Set a feature access code that detects a power outage and reroutes calls automatically
Correct answer: D

Question 6

What property of the SET command makes the command unique when dealing with variables?

  1. The SET command allows variables to be manipulated using arithmetic and string operators
  2. The SET command allows you to place calls in a particular queue
  3. The SET command allows a group of variables to follow a specific pattern
  4. The SET command reassigns variables to new values during the process of a vector
Correct answer: A

Question 7

Refer to the exhibit. 
Given existing variable values on the vector step in the exhibit, what will be the resulting value of Variable “A”?

  1. 876549432
  2. 3876
  3. 9432
  4. 87654
Correct answer: A

Question 8

A call center has two sets of server applications in the primary location, Seattle and in the secondary location, New York. In Seattle, a significant storm has shut down the offices and there is no electricity available. 
What happens with the call center?

  1. When the primary XML Server loses power, the secondary XML server in New York has to be manually set by the IT department. It then can signal to deliver work items to agents.
  2. When the primary XML Server loses power, the secondary XML server in New York will take a few seconds to automatically connect. It then can signal to deliver work items to agents.
  3. When the primary License Director Server loses power, the License Director server in New York automatically starts the XML and Media Director Servers to start routing contacts to agents.
  4. When the primary License Director Server loses power, the License Director server requires a manual restart to control the XML Server in New York. Contacts are then routed to agents.
Correct answer: B

Question 9

You are having problems with Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite Multichannel and you are considering a work around. 
In which phase of the 8 disciplines of troubleshooting do you try to see if you can work around the problem until a more permanent solution is found? 

  1. D4 – define escape points
  2. D2 – describe the problem
  3. D1 – establish a team
  4. D3 – develop interim containment actions
  5. D5 – choose corrective actions
Correct answer: D

Question 10

Before you call Global Support Services (GSS), you must have a good understanding of the problem. 
Which three questions should you be able to answer before you call GSS? (Choose three.)

  1. Do you have a record of all login IDs and passwords for the server?
  2. Are there configuration changes to the system?
  3. Is the problem recorded in the knowledge base?
  4. What are the affected components?
  5. Does the server use supported operating system?
Correct answer: BCD





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