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Exam Avaya Aura Call Center Elite and Call Center Elite Multichannel Support Exam
Number 7491X
File Name Avaya.7491X.TestKing.2019-02-26.65q.vcex
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Posted Feb 26, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which of the following is important when considering regular call center operations?

  1. A backup strategy for the call center databases
  2. An analysis of the software you choose to create the call center databases
  3. A decision for how much room to create for the call center databases
  4. A restore strategy for the information in the call center databases
Correct answer: A

Question 2

Refer to the exhibit. 
A call center administrator has devised a way to provide special treatment for high profile customers, by filtering these agent’s Automatic Number Identification (ANI) using a vector routing table, and interflowing these calls to be queued at a higher priority. Unfortunately, after the new VDN/vector steps were implemented, those customers are queuing to the incorrect group of agents. 
What would be the reason for this?

  1. VDN Override on VDN 7202 is set to no
  2. VDN Override on VDN 7201 is set to yes
  3. The caller has blocked his calling party number, a match cannot be found, and call processing for this call will cease
  4. No agents are staffed in skill 1
Correct answer: A

Question 3

You need to troubleshoot your Best Service Routing (BSR) polling vectors to verify that they are operating as intended. 
Which command do you use to do this?

  1. monitor bcms hunt group
  2. list trace trunk
  3. monitor bcms trunk
  4. list trace vdn
Correct answer: D
Reference: (p.9)
Reference: (p.9)

Question 4

To improve call handling and agent productivity you set up a vector using Look Ahead Interflow to check if the remote site can accept a call and has an agent available. You only want to interflow calls that are at the top two positions queue. 
Which command would be entered in the vector to accomplish this?

  1. route-to number 9581234 with cov y if interflow-qpos=2
  2. route-to number 9581234 with cov n if interflow-qpos<=2
  3. route-to number 9581234 with cov n if interflow-qpos<2
  4. route-to number 9581234 with cov y if interflow-qpos>=2
Correct answer: D

Question 5

Refer to the exhibit. 
Given the information in the exhibit, what happens to a call if someone calls this vector on Tuesday January 1 at 10:00?

  1. The call will be routes to 2048
  2. The call will queue to skill 1
  3. The call will be disconnected
  4. The call will be routed to 2049
Correct answer: C

Question 6

Refer to the exhibit. 
You configured vectors in your New York and Denver locations to use Look Ahead Interflow. You want your New York location to interflow to your Denver location if the Denver split has less than 10 calls in queue. After setting vectors in the exhibit you find that calls are interflowing to Denver. 
What would cause calls to interflow to Denver?

  1. The wait-time command in step 3 in Denver is considered a call acceptance command and allowing calls to interflow
  2. The wait-time command in step 1 in Denver is considered a call acceptance command and calls to interflow
  3. The route-to number command in step 6 in New York is allowing calls to interflow to Denver
  4. Step 8 in Denver should be a busy command
Correct answer: C

Question 7

Which two vector variable types are strictly global in scope? (Choose two.)

  1. stepcnt
  2. dow
  3. value
  4. ani
  5. collect
Correct answer: CE

Question 8

You need to troubleshoot Best Service Routing (BSR) vectors for multi-site routing to verify that they are operating as intended. 
Which command would you use to do this?

  1. list trace stations
  2. list trace vector
  3. list trace trunk
  4. list trace trac
Correct answer: D

Question 9

A call center where agents handles customers with account numbers is using Call Center Elite. The call center wants to offer a survey to customers who complete their tasks to determine the level of service they have received. 
What feature would you suggest the call center offers a survey to the people who have called?

  1. VDN Return Destination
  2. VDN Interflow
  3. VDN Override
  4. VDN Vectors
Correct answer: A

Question 10

Which vector object can replace the Time of day (TOD) global Vector Variable?

  1. Vector Routing Table
  2. Business Schedule Table
  3. Service Hours Table
  4. Policy Routing Table
Correct answer: C





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