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Exam Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Support
Number 7492X
File Name Avaya.7492X.PracticeTest.2019-03-01.25q.vcex
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Posted Mar 01, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1

Best Services Routing (BSR) allows adjusting the idle time of agents when determining agent selection. You are considering the step adjustment set to 20 for a given location. 
Which statement about agent adjustments for the considered location step is true?

  1. The agent’s idle time is always adjusted up by 20 seconds.
  2. The agent’s idle time is always adjusted down by 20 seconds.
  3. The agent’s idle time is decreased by 20 seconds, unless the idle time is greater than 100 seconds at which point it is decreased by 20%.
  4. The agent’s idle time is adjusted up by 20%, unless the idle time is greater than 100 seconds at which point is adjusted up by 20 seconds.
Correct answer: B

Question 2

Refer to the exhibit. 
The reply-best vector command is applied to which BSR VDN/Vector?

  1. Status Poll Vector
  2. Primary Vector
  3. Interflow vector
  4. Adjunct Vector
Correct answer: A

Question 3

What are the three consideration requirements for the deployment of Network Call Deflection? (Choose three.)

  1. The second leg of the call is set up by the redirecting Communication Manager.
  2. Network Call Deflection is only available in Europe and must be compliant with ETSI Supplementary Service Network Call Deflection.
  3. Announcement, collect digits, converse-on, wait for hearing music, wait for the hearing announcement, ringback, or silence cannot be used for NCD.
  4. NCD by the PSTN can occur only if the incoming call to the Avaya Aura® Communication Manager is not answered.
  5. A route-to number r13035485103 must be used in vector step processing, and Net Redir=y in the BSR Application plan.
Correct answer: ACE

Question 4

To activate and use Best Services Routing (BSR) Available Agent Adjustment, which two must be configured in the Avaya Aura® Elite Call Center? (Choose two.)

  1. The BSR Application ID must be set in the VDN form.
  2. Set the Available Agent Adjustments for BSR to y in the System Parameters Feature form.
  3. The Available Agent Adjustments for BSR must be set to YES on System-Parameters Customer Options.
  4. Percent Allocation in the Business Advocate feature must be enabled.
Correct answer: CD

Question 5

To enable a Best Services Routing (BSR) Tie strategy, when the Alternate Selection on BSR Ties determines how BSR chooses which agent, skill, or location to select, which two administration forms need to be administered? (Choose two.)

  1. On the Feature Related System Parameters screen verify the BSR Tie Strategy field.
  2. On the VDN form, verify BSR Tie Strategy field.
  3. On the Hunt Group form verify BSR settings.
  4. Verify Suppression Timer is set correctly in the BSR application plan.
Correct answer: AB

Question 6

What are two call vectoring command failures for “adjunct routing”? (Choose two.)

  1. The VDN’s COR does not permit routing to the adjuncts supplied destination.
  2. The specified agent is not logged into the specified split for a direct agent call.
  3. The VDN’s COS-group does not have Console Permission set to y.
  4. The CTI link can be any identifier.
Correct answer: AB
Reference: (18)
Reference: (18)

Question 7

A customer has calls coming into their contact center constantly. They do not want their customers to be waiting long before their call is answered, even if it is answered at a different site. 
Which two features should be used in the vectors to ensure that all calls are answered in a timely fashion? (Choose two.)

  1. Network Call Redirection
  2. Look-ahead Interflow
  3. Virtual Outflow
  4. Enhanced Look-ahead Interflow
Correct answer: BD
Reference:  (9, 10)
Reference:  (9, 10)

Question 8

In administering multi-site Best Services Routing (BSR), what are the two configurations that are associated VDN configurations? (Choose two.)

  1. UUI Treatment
  2. Supplementary Service Protocol
  3. BSR Available Agent Strategy
  4. BSR Application
Correct answer: AC

Question 9

A customer with multiple locations wants to effectively balance the call load among agents at the various sites. 
Which call center feature can provide this capability?

  1. Network Call Redirection (NCR)
  2. Best service Routing (BSR)
  3. Least Occupied Agent (LOA)
  4. Business Advocate (BA)
Correct answer: B
Reference: (114)
Reference: (114)

Question 10

In a multi-site Best Services Routing (BSR) configuration, where do you increase the frequency of polling remote locations during an agent surplus condition?

  1. On the System-parameter customer option form
  2. On the hunt group form
  3. On the BSR Application form
  4. On the Signaling group for BSR application
Correct answer: B





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