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Exam Avaya Mobility Networking Solutions Integration
Number 7591X
File Name Avaya.7591X.PracticeTest.2018-03-23.66q.vcex
Size 2 MB
Posted Mar 23, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1

As a Network Administrator you need to generate reports highlighting data from a number of Access Points, numbers of User logins, number of failed logins, and user bandwidth. 
Which Avaya application is used to complete this task?

  1. Guest Manager
  2. Ignition Server
  3. Log Manager
  4. Ignition Analytics
Correct answer: D

Question 2

In Identity Engines, where are PEAP/EAP-MSCHAPv2 Authentication mechanisms configured?

  1. In the Authenticator
  2. In the Dashboard Access policy
  3. In the Posture profiles
  4. In the Authentication Policy
Correct answer: D
Reference (P.60)
Reference (P.60)

Question 3

Which statement describes an Ignition Server?

  1. It is used for different types and kinds of guests account provisioning and management.
  2. It is the virtual OVA Appliances based software Authenticator in form of a Web-Portal.
  3. It is the virtual OVA Appliance and RADIUS based Policy Engine with Identity Routing to Directory Services.
  4. It is the Configuration Software Tool for ID Engines Ignition Server.
Correct answer: C

Question 4

Which Identity Engines components allows non-IT engineers to create temporary access accounts for guests?

  1. Ignition Guest Access portal
  2. Ignition Guest Manager
  3. Ignition Access portal
  4. Ignition Access Manager
Correct answer: B
Reference (P.14)
Reference (P.14)

Question 5

In which file format does Avaya provide the Identity Engines Ignition Server, Ignition Guest Manager, and Ignition Access Portal as Virtual Appliances?

  1. .VMDK
  2. .OVF
  3. .CSV
  4. .VDI
Correct answer: B

Question 6

Which two mechanisms are used by Ignition Server to authenticate and authorize users and devices connected in the network? (Choose two.)

  1. MAC Authentication
  2. IP address
  3. IEEE 802.1x
  4. IEEE 802.1c
Correct answer: AC

Question 7

To avoid costly manual processes, you want to provide self-registration capabilities to visitors, but want to ensure that only legitimate guests, and invited/visiting specific employees, are allowed to have a guest access. Also for security reasons you need to keep track of guest devices and statistics of Internet usage. 
To provide only self-registration capabilities, which IDE application should be used?

  1. Ignition Analytics
  2. Ignition Server
  3. IDE Access Portal
  4. Avaya Wireless Orchestration System
  5. IDE Guest Manager
Correct answer: E
Reference: (p.75)
Reference: (p.75)

Question 8

Which three settings need to be configured on Ignition Server and Guest Manager before integration? (Choose three.)

  1. SOAP setting/port number on Ignition Server
  2. Guest Manager RADIUS
  3. Provisioner setting
  4. Guest Manager Appliance settings
  5. An email server
Correct answer: ABD

Question 9

Refer to the exhibit. 
A customer has installed Avaya Ignition Analytics to collect the report and data analysis from Ignition Server. During the installation they got the screen to enter the license key. They want to use this for a trial period of 30 days, and do not want to purchase a license. 
What should the customer do to continue the installation?

  1. Enter the serial number of the Ignition Server.
  2. Enter the product registration number.
  3. Enter any 16-digit number to register.
  4. Purchase and enter the license key.
Correct answer: C

Question 10

What is the main Authentication/Authorization component within the Avaya Identity Engines solution?

  1. Guest Manager
  2. Ignition Server
  3. Access Portal
  4. CASE Manager
Correct answer: B
Reference (p.2)
Reference (p.2)





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