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Exam Axis Network Video Exam
Number AX0-100
File Name Axis.AX0-100.BrainDumps.2019-03-01.145q.vcex
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Posted Mar 01, 2019
Download Axis.AX0-100.BrainDumps.2019-03-01.145q.vcex

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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which of the following statements are true for H.264? (Choose two)

  1. The size of an l-frame depends on the preceding P-frame
  2. Increased motion in a scene means increased bit rate
  3. Group of Video (GOV) length is directly affected by the sizes of the I- and P-frames
  4. A P-frame references preceding and succeeding P-frames
  5. Longer GOV length means reduced bit rate
Correct answer: BE

Question 2

What is the main purpose of the Arctic Temperature Control functionality?

  1. To protect the camera electronics
  2. To protect the camera mechanics
  3. To protect the camera lens
  4. To protect the camera power
Correct answer: B

Question 3

Which is true regarding the use of a smoked (tinted) dome instead of a clear dome?

  1. Decreases color fidelity
  2. Decreases field of view
  3. Disables infrared capabilities
  4. Reduces light sensitivity
Correct answer: D

Question 4

A company is looking for a dome designed to withstand vibrations inherent to transportation. Which of the following cameras should be recommended?

  1. AXIS P3344-VE
  2. AXIS M3014
  3. AXIS M3114-R
  4. AXIS P1344
Correct answer: C

Question 5

Which is a benefit of using VLANs and IP subnets?

  1. An encrypted communication link is established over the internet, allowing surveillance video to be securely viewed off-site
  2. The network provides end-to-end encryption to prevent malicious users from intercepting network traffic
  3. The network will only allow access from authorized devices, eliminating the risk that malicious users disconnect cameras to intercept network traffic
  4. Network surveillance video can be kept separate from other network traffic, reducing the risk that malicious users will intercept it
Correct answer: D

Question 6

Match each function to the correct video surveillance system component. Drag each gray box from the left column to the matching blue box in the right column. 

Correct answer: To work with this question, an Exam Simulator is required.

Question 7

In many places 24 V AC has been popular as a power source but now 12 V and 24 V DC is increasing in popularity because

  1. There is more energy in DC.
  2. It is easier to back-up DC with battery.
  3. There is less power loss in cables with DC.
  4. There is less risk for surge with DC.
Correct answer: B

Question 8

When initiating a surveillance project with a customer, which of the following should be considered first?

  1. Understand which camera models to use
  2. Understand the customer's technical knowledge
  3. Understand the customer's goals and requirements
  4. Understand the legal aspects for the installation
Correct answer: C

Question 9

Which of the following are outdoor rated products? (Choose two)

  1. AXIS M3114-R
  2. AXIS P3304-VR
  3. AXIS P1344-E
  4. AXIS P3344-VE
  5. AXIS M1031-W
Correct answer: CD

Question 10

Match the protocol to its default port number. Drag each gray box from the left column to the matching blue box in the right column. 

Correct answer: To work with this question, an Exam Simulator is required.





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