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Exam Supporting a BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 in an IBM Lotus Domino Environment
Number BCP-222
File Name BlackBerry.BCP-222.Train4Sure.2016-12-10.85q.vcex
Size 66 KB
Posted Dec 10, 2016
Download BlackBerry.BCP-222.Train4Sure.2016-12-10.85q.vcex

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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which of the following options is NOT available in the BlackBerry Web Desktop Software? (Choose one.) 3 

  1. Wired synchronization of organizer (PIM) data
  2. Application Loader
  3. Backup and Restore
  4. Setting enterprise activation passwords
  5. Configuring email message filters
Correct answer: A

Question 2

During the final stage of the wireless enterprise activation the following error is displayed on the BlackBerry device: IT requires that you connect this handheld to the device manager to continue activation. What is a possible cause of this? (Choose one.)

  1. The BlackBerry device does not have data services enabled
  2. The BlackBerry Synchronization Service is not started
  3. Wireless backup has been disabled for the user
  4. The BlackBerry device is running BlackBerry Device Software prior to 4.0
  5. The Disable Wireless Bulk Loads IT policy has been enabled
Correct answer: E

Question 3

How can a BlackBerry device user assign themselves their own enterprise activation password? (Choose one.)

  1. Input their own password in the enterprise activation screen on the BlackBerry device
  2. Specify an activation password in BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  3. Launch BlackBerry Device Manager and specify their own activation password
  4. When swapping BlackBerry devices the new BlackBerry device will automatically prompt the user for a new activation password
  5. Login to BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager and specify an activation password
Correct answer: E

Question 4

Which of the following are two pieces of information that are required when configuring a remote component for high availability? (Choose two.)

  1. IP addresses
  2. Fully Qualified Host Name
  3. High Availability Pool Name
  4. NetBios Name
  5. DNS Alias
Correct answer: BC

Question 5

Which port is required to be open on the firewall in order for Wi?Fi data to pass from the BlackBerry device to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server? (Choose one.)

  1. 3101
  2. 4101 
  3. 1433
  4. 1533
  5. 7433
Correct answer: B

Question 6

What component is responsible for the encryption and decryption of data? (Choose one.)  

  1. BlackBerry Dispatcher Service
  2. BlackBerry Administration Service
  3. BlackBerry Controller Service
  4. BlackBerry Messaging Agent Service
  5. BlackBerry Router Service
Correct answer: A

Question 7

A BlackBerry device user is trying to login to the local Intranet web site but is not able to authenticate. What could a system administrator do to assist the user with the authentication? (Choose one.)

  1. Resend the IPPP service books to the user that is experiencing the issue
  2. Verify the proxy server information within the Blackberry MDS Connection Service 
  3. Restart the BlackBerry Administration Service to force resending of service books
  4. Activate the user with the BlackBerry MDS Integration Service
  5. Add the user's name to the xml file within the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
Correct answer: B

Question 8

How is the initial enterprise activation email message transmitted from the BlackBerry device? (Choose one.)

  1. Encrypted using AES
  2. Encrypted using RSA
  3. Plain text
  4. Encrypted using Triple DES
  5. As a hash
Correct answer: E

Question 9

The BlackBerry Monitoring Service can send notifications using which of the following methods? (Choose three.)

  1. Phone (VoIP)
  2. Email
  3. PIN
  4. Network Broadcast
  5. Instant Messaging
Correct answer: BCD

Question 10

BlackBerry device users have been calling the support desk all day reporting message delays of 5 to 25 minutes. A request has been made to isolate the issue and identify the source. Which of the following questions will assist with the process? (Choose three.)

  1. Do the affected users span multiple messaging servers?
  2. Are PIN messages delayed (sending and/or receiving)?
  3. Is each user enabled for email message redirection?
  4. Was the corporate firewall recently rebooted?
  5. Are the messaging servers working properly and without issues?
Correct answer: ABE





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