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Exam Blue Prism Developer
Number AD01
File Name Blue Prism.AD01.PracticeTest.2018-11-28.39q.tqb
Size 3 MB
Posted Nov 28, 2018
Download Blue Prism.AD01.PracticeTest.2018-11-28.39q.tqb

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Demo Questions

Question 1

You identify an element in Application Modeller but when you highlight or use that element Blue Prism gives you an error message saying that duplicate elements were found. 
Which of the following statements is true?

  1. It is common for duplicate elements to be found based upon the attributes that are ticked by default using the Blue Prism product. Time needs to be spent experimenting with the attribute ticks until a unique, reliable, and consistent selection of attributes are found.
  2. It will not be possible to interface with the element in a unique way. You will need to use Surface Automation techniques for this element.
  3. A code stage interface will need to be created and used for this application, this will give you more flexibility to interact with the application elements.
  4. You will need to make the attributes you have selected dynamic. This will allow your flow to loop around, incrementing the attribute value until the correct element is found and used.
Correct answer: D

Question 2

Which of the following statements about Business Objects is true?

  1. It is Blue Prism best practice to include business rules within Business Objects
  2. A Business Object is configured in the Studio area of Blue Prism
  3. A Business Object can be exposed to Control Room
  4. Logging of individual stages is not configurable in Business Objects
Correct answer: B

Question 3

A Blue Prism solution works fine when developing and testing it in Process and Object studio but when it is ran in Control Room exceptions occur because of screen elements not being found. 
What is the most likely cause?

  1. The most likely cause for the errors is that your application has changed.
  2. The most likely cause for the errors seen in Control Room is that best practice use of wait stages has not been followed.
  3. The most likely cause for the errors is that the Object Studio action has not been published and therefore cannot be used by the Process in control room.
  4. The most likely cause for the exceptions is that best practice exception handling has not been incorporated into the Process.
Correct answer: B





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