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Exam Blue Prism Developer
Number AD01
File Name Blue Prism.AD01.PracticeTest.2019-01-19.44q.vcex
Size 4 MB
Posted Jan 19, 2019
Download Blue Prism.AD01.PracticeTest.2019-01-19.44q.vcex

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Demo Questions

Question 1

Consider the following flow in an object:
Which of the following statements are true?

  1. There just needs to be a wait stage after the start stage to correct this action.
  2. There should be a wait stage after every stage in this flow (i.e. after the navigate, read, write stages)
  3. If during testing in object studio this flow works no additional wait stages should be added as they will slow the interface down.
  4. There should be an intelligent wait stage after the start stage and after any stage that cause the application we are interfacing with to change
Correct answer: D

Question 2

A screen contains four buttons, Find, Save, Close and New. When the buttons are spied, the attributes are identical except for the Window Text attribute. 
The values for the Windows Text attribute are ‘Find’ for the Find button, ‘Save’ for the Save button, ‘Close’ for the Close button and ‘New’ for the New Button. 
The Dynamic Button element has been spied and has the following attributes set:
A navigate stage has been configured to press the Close button:
What additional configuration is required to ensure the Close button is selected by the Navigate stage?

  1. Set the Mouse Button value to ‘Close’
  2. The Params button must be selected and the parameter configured to override the Window Text attribute value to ‘Close’
  3. It is not possible to select the Close button using the Dynamic Button element because the value is set to ‘Find’ in the Application Modeller
  4. A new element is required with the Window Text value set to ‘Close’ and the Match Type set to equal
Correct answer: B

Question 3

You identify an element in Application Modeller but when you highlight or use that element Blue Prism gives you an error message saying that duplicate elements were found. 
Which of the following statements is true?

  1. It is common for duplicate elements to be found based upon the attributes that are ticked by default using the Blue Prism product. Time needs to be spent experimenting with the attribute ticks until a unique, reliable, and consistent selection of attributes are found.
  2. It will not be possible to interface with the element in a unique way. You will need to use Surface Automation techniques for this element.
  3. A code stage interface will need to be created and used for this application, this will give you more flexibility to interact with the application elements.
  4. You will need to make the attributes you have selected dynamic. This will allow your flow to loop around, incrementing the attribute value until the correct element is found and used.
Correct answer: D

Question 4

Which of the following statements about Business Objects is true?

  1. It is Blue Prism best practice to include business rules within Business Objects
  2. A Business Object is configured in the Studio area of Blue Prism
  3. A Business Object can be exposed to Control Room
  4. Logging of individual stages is not configurable in Business Objects
Correct answer: B

Question 5

A Blue Prism solution works fine when developing and testing it in Process and Object studio but when it is running in Control Room exceptions occur because of screen elements not being found. 
What is the most likely cause?

  1. The most likely cause for the errors is that your application has changed.
  2. The most likely cause for the errors seen in Control Room is that best practice use of wait stages has not been followed.
  3. The most likely cause for the errors is that the Object Studio action has not been published and therefore cannot be used by the Process in control room.
  4. The most likely cause for the exceptions is that best practice exception handling has not been incorporated into the Process.
Correct answer: B

Question 6

The Order System application has been successfully launched and Blue Prism has navigated the application to the following screen:
There is a requirement to ensure this screen is in focus before any further interfacing is done with the screen. Which is the correct configuration to ensure the New Order screen is in focus?

Correct answer: C

Question 7

You identify an element in Application Modeller and it highlights uniquely and can be used in your object flow diagram. The next day you find that Blue Prism cannot no longer identify the same element, your object flow is giving you ‘Element not found’ exceptions. 
Which of the following statements is true?

  1. This must be an environment issue. The Blue Prism environment must be consistent and persistent, and an element that worked one day and does not work the next day suggests the environment is changeable. The IT team supporting the environment needs to be contacted to fix the problem.
  2. The Blue Prism product support team should be contacted to report the issue. This signifies an inconsistency in how the Blue Prism product is working which needs to be fixed.
  3. This suggests that Best Practice exception handling has not been implemented in the object. A retry loop around the object stages that are using the element will probably fix the problem.
  4. It is common for consistency issues to be found during configuration/development testing. The most likely cause is that an attribute has been selected for the element that is changeable, such as a window title with a date, or a URL. The developer needs to ensure that any changeable attributes are unticked.
Correct answer: D

Question 8

When automating a Windows application what type of stage is configured to perform a Global Send Key Events?

  1. Notes Stage
  2. Read Stage
  3. Write Stage
  4. Navigate Stage
Correct answer: C

Question 9

Consider the following flow in an object:
Which of these statements is true?

  1. The flow shown in the diagram is correct, the wait stages are all adding a high level of robustness to the action
  2. The wait stages after read and write stages should be removed they are not required and are slowing the flow down
  3. The wait stages after read stages should be removed, the wait stages after write stages should be left because the application will have been changed
  4. Only the first wait stage in this flow is required, all the other wait stages should be removed.
Correct answer: B

Question 10

When entering an option within the Training Order system the relevant option number is entered into the Option number field as below. The Option number input field has been spied in Blue Prism:
The following attribute set has been returned by Application Modeller:
Which Attribute can be un-ticked to ensure consistent visibility of the element to Blue Prism?

  1. Window Text
  2. Visible
  3. Screen Visible
  4. Class Name
Correct answer: A





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