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Exam Installing and Configuring a Blue Prism (Version 6.0) Environment
Number AIE02
File Name Blue Prism.AIE02.PracticeTest.2019-03-01.22q.vcex
Size 17 KB
Posted Mar 01, 2019
Download Blue Prism.AIE02.PracticeTest.2019-03-01.22q.vcex

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Demo Questions

Question 1

What BPServer.exe profile name is the default Blue Prism Server service configured to use? (Select one.)

  1. It will use the profile which is configured with the “Is Default” flag
  2. It will use the first profile when ordered alphabetically
  3. It will use the last profile when ordered alphabetically
  4. It will use the profile named “Default”
Correct answer: D

Question 2

Which of the following are common reasons why a Blue Prism Interactive Client is not be able to connect to an Application Server? (Select three.)

  1. If the Application Server service is not started
  2. It firewalls prevent the Application Server from receiving traffic on the appropriate port
  3. If the Application Server is configured to use Transport Encryption but the certificate cannot be validated
  4. Invalid user credentials
  5. A user is logged into Blue Prism on the Application Server
Correct answer: ABD

Question 3

What format of machine name does an Interactive Client or Application Server use to establish a direct connection with a Runtime Resource? (Select one.)

  1. It always uses the short machine name (e.g. robot001)
  2. it always uses the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) (e.g.robot001.mydomain.local)
  3. it depends on the system wide setting which indicates whether short name or FQDN will be used
  4. It uses the format of the name specified on the certificate that is associated with the Runtime Resource
Correct answer: C

Question 4

Where is the information reported when a Blue Prism Server service fails to start? (Select one.)

  1. In Control Panel under Resource Manager
  2. Under System >Server Management
  3. In the event logs on the local device. These can be accessed using Event Viewer
  4. It is not reported but the troubleshooting guide provides useful tips to diagnose the issue
Correct answer: C

Question 5

How can we ensure that all Runtime Resources in the environment are configured to establish a secure connection with the Blue Prism server? (Select one.)

  1. Use the /SSLCert switch in the Runtime Resource start up parameters
  2. Under System -> Settings, enable the “Require secure resource connections” setting
  3. Within the configuration for the Blue Prism Server select a Connection Mode that does not contain the text “insecure”
  4. All of the above
Correct answer: A

Question 6

What conditions must be met for a conventional Runtime Resource to be able to receive an instruction and start processing? (Select three.)

  1. The device where the Runtime Resource is installed must be logged in
  2. An Interactive Client must be logged in prior to starting the Runtime Resource
  3. The Runtime Resource must be started
  4. The network connectivity must be configured to allow the Runtime Resource to receive connections from all relevant Interactive Clients and Application Servers
  5. All Application Server must be configured to process schedules
  6. The SSLCert switch must be configured on the Application Server
Correct answer: DEF

Question 7

What port does a Runtime Resource use to receive communication? (Select one.)

  1. It receives instructional information on port 8181 by default but this is configurable using the /port switch
  2. It receives instructional information on port 8199 by default but this is configurable using the /inbound switch
  3. It receives instructional information using the selected WCF connection method exclusively on port 443
  4. It receives instructional information using the selected WCF connection method exclusively on port 8080
Correct answer: A

Question 8

What does the /SSLCert switch provide when starting a Runtime Resource? (Select two.)

  1. It ensures that the Runtime Resource establishes a secure outbound connection with the Application Server or Database Server
  2. It ensures that inbound connections on the listening port (default 8181) will be encrypted
  3. When hosting Web Services on the Runtime Resources, the inbound connections will need to use HTTPS
  4. Only users who have used a domain account to log onto the device can launch Blue Prism
Correct answer: AC

Question 9

Which of the following are steps that would normally be take on the local device when configuring a Runtime Resource? (Select four.)

  1. Configure a connection to a Blue Prism Application Server
  2. Configure the database maintenance procedures
  3. Configure the Runtime Resource to start automatically when the device is logged on with appropriate parameters
  4. Optionally configure the Runtime Resource start-up procedure with the thumbprint of a local certificate
  5. Optionally install and configure Login Agent
  6. Ensure the AutomateC.exe is accessible to the logged in user
  7. Disable all domain policies
Correct answer: ACEG

Question 10

When settings should be used for the Connection Mode and Server port when configuring a connection from the Runtime Resource to the Application Server? (Select two.)

  1. The Connection Mode on the Runtime Resource should be set to apply the appropriate encryption settings based on the processes that will be run on the device
  2. The Connection Mode on the Runtime Resource should be set to On to allow the device to be controlled remotely. Set if to be Off to allow local control and connections only
  3. The Connection Mode on the Runtime Resource must match the Connection Mode configured on the Blue Prism Server
  4. The Server Mode on the Runtime Resource must match the Server Port configured on the Blue Prism Server
  5. The Server Port only needs to be set if a port other than 8181 will be used
Correct answer: CD





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