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Exam Blue Prism ROM Architect
Number ARA01
File Name Blue Prism.ARA01.BrainDumps.2018-11-17.30q.vcex
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Posted Nov 17, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1

A visionary RPA benefit allows for “Superior Control, Governance & IT Security”, which of the following describes this benefit?

  1. Enables humans to focus on higher value judgement-based decision making and customer relationship
  2. Automations are quick to develop and deploy and components are reusable
  3. Segregation of roles between development and operations
  4. Process automation results in standardization of best practice
Correct answer: D

Question 2

Which of the following statements describes what an organizations RPA Vision needs to be?

  1. A single-minded vision that expressed the desire to reduce operational head count and replace the human workforce with a digitalise workforce
  2. Clearly articulate that RPA will take over the organizations strategical goals and is best placed to do so
  3. Until you can articulate a clear shared vision, you are unlikely to win over all the key stakeholders that you need in an organization
  4. Needs to outline the risks and mitigation strategies for when RPA is rolled out across the entire organization
Correct answer: A

Question 3

When introducing a Digital Workforce to the organization which of the following should you not be thinking about?

  1. Keep them busy
  2. Manage them
  3. Implement them
  4. None of the above
Correct answer: A

Question 4

Which of the following statements does not describe one of the business drivers of using a Divisional Model?

  1. Low cost automations across selected operations functions
  2. Ideal model for establishing Robotic Automation Capability in a specific division or divisions
  3. Establishing an RPA Capability with a minimum dependency on other functions
  4. Perfect model where a Center of Excellence is already established in the organization
Correct answer: D

Question 5

Which of the following are the challenges associated with the federated model? (Choose two.)

  1. Not scalable across the enterprise
  2. Needs the consistency across departments
  3. Can lead to duplication of hardware infrastructure and Blue Prism deliverables
  4. Implementing centralized change and automation delivery management disciplines across multiple operations functions can be problematic the model does not already exist
  5. It is only suitable as a short-term solution
Correct answer: BD

Question 6

Which of the following does not describe why IT need to be represented in the RPA Governance Board?

  1. Responsible for managing inward and outward dependencies with IT
  2. To enforce that RPA needs to be delivered within IT’s constraints
  3. Gatekeeper for demand on RPA capability from IT
  4. Provide awareness of the organizations technical platform and potential impacts
Correct answer: D

Question 7

Select from the below which statement best describes the Demand Management objective within the RPA Governance Board?

  1. Responsible for defining and prioritizing the RPA change schedule
  2. Promote the benefits of RPA throughout the organization
  3. Accountability for benefits realization tracking
  4. Identifying opportunities to drive greater value from RPA.
Correct answer: C

Question 8

Within the role and responsibility of the Head of Robotic Automation to define and deliver the Robotic Operating Model, which of the following does it include?

  1. Establish where IT projects should no longer be engaged and can be replaced by RPA
  2. Target technology architecture and solution
  3. Processes and governance required to manage business demand, the automation delivery lifecycle and change management
  4. Where the RPA Capability fits within the broader organization
Correct answer: C

Question 9

Which of the following would not fall under the remit of the RPA Governance Board?

  1. Demand Generation
  2. Benefits Realisation
  3. Foundation Training
  4. Continuous Improvement
Correct answer: C

Question 10

Which of the following does not describe the “Prioritization” step as part of managing the demand pipeline?

  1. Client automation
  2. Process analysis
  3. Helping a friend
  4. Business case modeling
Correct answer: C





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