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Exam Certified Proxy Administrator V3.03
Number BCCPA
File Name BlueCoat.BCCPA.SelfTestEngine.2018-12-13.145q.vcex
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Posted Dec 13, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1

A ProxySG is designed to do which of the following? (Choose all that apply) 
(a) Enhance security through authentication, virus scanning, and logging. 
(b) Increase performance through TCP optimization, HTTP caching and pipelining. 
(c) Control content with URL filtering, content stripping, and HTTP header analysis.

  1. a & b only
  2. b & c only
  3. a & c only
  4. All of the above
Correct answer: D
Reference: (first page entirely.)
Reference: (first page entirely.)

Question 2

Which streaming services are supported by ProxySG? 

  1. QuickTime, Windows Media, and Real Media
  2. Windows Media, Real Media, and Flash
  3. QuickTime, Flash, and MP4
Correct answer: B

Question 3

A single ProxySG appliance can act as a Gateway Proxy and WAN Acceleration Proxy at the same time.

  1. True
  2. False
Correct answer: A
Explanation: (forward proxy, second paragraph; example 3, third page) (forward proxy, second paragraph; example 3, third page)

Question 4

Which option is NOT available to upload logfiles from ProxySG?

  1. HTTP server
  2. FTP server
  3. Blue Coat Reporter server
  4. CIFS/SAMBA file server
Correct answer: D

Question 5

Which of the following types of traffic are not scanned with ICAP REQMOD?

  1. HTTP PUT data
  2. FTP uploads
  3. FTP responses
  4. HTTP POST data
Correct answer: C

Question 6

The goal of creating and using Notify User objects is (Choose all that apply) 
(a) to deny access to a URL 
(b) to deliver a splash page to the clients 
(c) to warn a user before allowing access to a URL

  1. a & b only
  2. b & c only
  3. All of the above
Correct answer: B

Question 7

What can be concluded about this request processing order?

  1. ProxyAV Is accessed in ICAP REQMOD mode
  2. ProxyAV is accessed ICAP RESPMOO mode
  3. ProxySG with ProxyAV is deployed as a forward proxy
Correct answer: A

Question 8

The default policy for ProxySG is DENY. Network administrator creates a VPM policy allowing access to some Web host only for certain users (see picture).  
When installing this policy, ProxySG issues a warning that this rule will be ignored. What change can be applied in order to fix this? 

  1. Add another rule to the Web Access layer creating an exception for users NOT allowed to access the host.
  2. Add another Web Access layer and set its default action to Allow.
  3. Add Web Authentication layer with a rule having Force Authenticate action.
  4. Add Web content layer with a rule preventing serving content from ProxySG cache to unauthorized users.
Correct answer: C

Question 9

Which Instant Messaging proxies are available on the ProxySG? (Choose all that apply) 
(a) AIM 
(b) Jabber 
(c) MSN 
(d) Yahoo 

  1. a, b & c only
  2. a, b & d only
  3. A. c & d only
  4. b. c & d only
  5. All of the above
Correct answer: C

Question 10

In SGOS 5.3, what are the two versions that you can opt for? (Choose all that apply) 
(a) Proxy Edition 
(b) Full Edition 
(c)WAN Opt Edition 
(d) MACH5 Edition 

  1. b & c only
  2. a, c & d only
  3. c & d only
  4. a & d only
Correct answer: D





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