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Exam Automating Cisco Collaboration Solutions (300-835 CLAUTO)
Number 300-835
File Name Cisco.300-835.TestKing.2020-01-09.27q.vcex
Size 3 MB
Posted Jan 09, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which CUCM default global conference setting should be changed to ensure fraud prevention?

  1. Advanced Ad Hoc Conference Enabled.
  2. Block OffNet to OnNet Transfer.
  3. MCU Conference Bridge Custom Layout Index.
  4. Drop Ad Hoc Conference.
  5. Enable Click-to-Conference for Third-Party Applications.
Correct answer: D

Question 2

What is the best tool to test end verify a dial plan during the implementing phase?

  1. Translator X
  2. CUCM Dialed Number Analyzer
  3. Real-Time Monitoring Tool
  4. Cisco Prime Collaboration Tool
Correct answer: B

Question 3

When implementing a global dial plan, which digit manipulation feature in CUCM does Cisco recommend for adding +1 to all outbound calls?

  1. Called party transformation
  2. Calling party transformation
  3. Translation pattern
  4. External phone mask
Correct answer: A

Question 4

When CUCM is installed, how can the Customer Use the Operating system?

  1. GUI and CLI
  2. CLI
  3. GUI
  4. none
  5. OS can be accessed by CISCO TAC only
Correct answer: A

Question 5

What happens when the TFTP server is not available?

  1. CUCM can't read phone configurations
  2. Phones can't download configuration
  3. Phones need to be restarted
  4. TFTP server needs to be restarted
Correct answer: B

Question 6

Refer to the exhibit. 
While configuring dial plan on a system, an engineer notices the route list in the pictured state. 
What will cause this?

  1. One subscriber server in CUCM Group is down.
  2. Media Resource on the CUCM are oversubscribed.
  3. "Run on all active unified CM nodes" is not checked on the route list.
  4. "No route group" is added in this Route List.
Correct answer: A

Question 7

An engineer wants to add a software conference bridge on Cisco Unified Communications Manager web admin and cannot find the option to do so. What is one cause of this?

  1. Enterprise Parameters have not been set to allow this.
  2. The CUCM Cluster is using the maximum number of allowed subscribers.
  3. Service Parameters have not been set to allow this
  4. A software conference bridge cannot be added to CUCM by using Conference Bridge Configuration.
Correct answer: D

Question 8

When configuring CUCM digit manipulation for calls on a gateway, which two do you use for prefixing digits on outgoing calls? (Choose two.)

  1. *
  2. \
  3. !
  4. =
  5. 0-9
Correct answer: CE

Question 9

When using the Dialed Number Analyzer tool, what step has to occur to ensure the most recent CUCM configuration is analyzed?

  1. dialed number analyzer server
  2. database synchronization
  3. directory number alias sync
  4. directory number alias lookup
Correct answer: A

Question 10

Which three configuration settings are included in a default region configuration in CUCM 10x? (Choose three.)

  1. Video Call Bandwidth
  2. Immersive Bandwidth
  3. Real Time Protocol
  4. Audio Codec
  5. Location Description
  6. Link Loss Type
Correct answer: ABD





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