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Exam Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution
Number 1Y0-440
File Name Citrix.1Y0-440.ActualTests.2019-05-25.30q.tqb
Size 1 MB
Posted May 25, 2019
Download Citrix.1Y0-440.ActualTests.2019-05-25.30q.tqb

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Demo Questions

Question 1

Scenario: A Citrix Architect needs to deploy SAML integration between NetScaler (Identity Provider) and ShareFile (Service Provider). The design requirements for SAML setup are as follows:
  • NetScaler must be deployed as the Identity Provider (IDP). 
  • ShareFile server must be deployed as the SAML Service Provider (SP). 
  • The users in domain must be able to perform Single Sign-on to ShareFile after authenticating at the NetScaler. 
  • The User ID must be UserPrincipalName. 
  • The User ID and Password must be evaluated by NetScaler against the Active Directory servers SFO-ADS-001 and SFO-ADS-002. 
  • After successful authentication, NetScaler creates a SAML Assertion and passes it back to ShareFile. 
  • Single Sign-on must be performed. 
  • SHA 1 algorithm must be utilized. 
The verification environment details are as follows:
  • Domain Name:
  • NetScaler AAA virtual server URL
  • ShareFile URL
Which SAML IDP action will meet the design requirements?

  1. add authentication samIIdPProfile SAMI-IDP –samISPCertName Cert_1 –samIIdPCertName Cert_2 –assertionConsimerServiceURL “ RSA-SHA256-digestMethod SHA256-encryptAssertion ON -serviceProviderUD
  2. add authentication samIIdPProfile SAMI-IDP –samISPCertName Cert_1 –samIIdPCertName Cert_2 –assertionConsimerServiceURL” –samIIssuerName –signatureAlg RSA-SHA256 –digestMethod SHA256 –
  3. add authentication samIIdPProfile SAMI-IDP –samISPCertName Cert_1 –samIIdPCertName Cert_2 –assertionConsimerServiceURL” –samIIssuerName –signatureAlg RSA-SHA1-digestMethod SHA1 –encryptAssertion ON – serviceProviderID
  4. add authentication samIIdPProfile SAMI-IDP –samISPCertName Cert_1 –samIIdPCertName Cert_2 –assertionConsimerServiceURL” –samIIssuerName –signatureAlg RSA-SHA1 –digestMethod SHA1 –encryptAssertion ON – serviceProviderID
Correct answer: C

Question 2

What can help a Citrix Architect prepare to discuss time scales and resource requirements? 

  1. Creating a high-level project plan.
  2. Meeting with each member of the project team to assign tasks.
  3. Designing the new environment.
  4. Setting expectations with the project’s key stakeholders.
  5. Identifying challenges associated with the project.
Correct answer: A

Question 3

Scenario: A Citrix Architect holds a design discussion with a team of Workspacelab members, and they capture the following requirements for the NetScaler design project. 
  • A pair of NetScaler MPX appliances will be deployed in the DMZ network and another pair in the internal network. 
  • High availability will be accessible between the pair of NetScaler MPX appliances in the DMZ network. 
  • Multi-factor authentication must be configured for the NetScaler Gateway virtual server. 
  • The NetScaler Gateway virtual server is integrated with the StoreFront server. 
  • Load balancing must be deployed for users from the domain. 
  • The workspacelab users should be authenticated using Cert Policy and LDAP. 
  • All the client certificates must be SHA 256-signed, 2048 bits, and have UserPrincipalName as the subject. 
  • Single Sign-on must be performed between StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway. 
After deployment, the architect observes that LDAP authentication is failing. 
Click the Exhibit button to review the output of aaad debug and the configuration of the authentication policy. 
Exhibit 1 
Exhibit 2 
What is causing this issue?

  1. UserNamefield is set as subjection
  2. Password used is incorrect
  3. User does NOT exist in database
  4. IdapLoginName is set as sAMAccountName
Correct answer: A





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