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Exam HCIE-Datacom V1-0
Number H12-891
File Name Huawei.H12-891.PremiumDumps.2024-06-25.592q.vcex
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Posted Jun 25, 2024
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Demo Questions

Question 1

What are the following advanced features supported by BGP EVPN?

  1. ARP broadcast suppression
  2. VRRP overVXLAN
  3. Multi-active gateway
  4. WI-AN Qos
Correct answer: ABCD

Question 2

Is the following correct statement for the VXLAN message?

  1. The outer destination IP address is the IP address of the VTEP at the far end of the VXLAN tunnel
  2. The source UDP port number is 4789
  3. The destination UDP port number is 4789
  4. VNI has 24 T bits to distinguish the VIAN segment
Correct answer: ACD

Question 3

To achieve an on-machine migration in the BGP EVPN distributed gateway scenario, which of the following messages is required?

  1. Type5
  2. Type4
  3. Typel
  4. Type2
  5. Type3
Correct answer: D

Question 4

The means of the LAND attack is that the attacker sends an SVN packet message with the same source and destination addresses to the target host, the source port and the destination port are the same, and the receiver waits for the final ACK packet to be sent , the connection is always in a semi-connected state, resulting in a full limited TCP reception Waste of resources

  1. True 
  2. False
Correct answer: A

Question 5

The following statement about the Security Alliance SA in IPSec is wrong with ?

  1. SA is uniquely identified by a triple that includes the Security Parameter Inder ,Security Parameter Inder), the source IP address, and the Security Protocol Number (ASESP) used
  2. Use the display ipsec command to view information such as the encryption method used with another IPSEC peer, the traffic of interest, and so on.
  3. IPSec only supports encrypting data using the pair encryption algorithm.
  4. IpSec peers must be at a two-way SA to establish an IPSec VPN connection to close
Correct answer: A

Question 6

If there are multiple recipients in a multicast group, the administrator enables the IGMP-Snooping function on the switch connecting the recipient, and when the receiver receives the universal group query packet of the queryer from the switch, how should multiple recipients respond?

  1. The first recipient whose response time time expires sends the Report message, the other receivers do not.
  2. All recipients will respond to Report messages only if ICMPV2 is running.
  3. All recipients will respond to the Report message only if IGMPvl is running.
  4. All recipients will respond to the Report message
Correct answer: D

Question 7

If you run PIM-SM in a multicast network, you need to build a multicast forwarding tree between the multicast source and the receiver to enable the receiver to receive the multicast effect, so what are the following options for the correct tree sketch for the build?

  1. What is built between the multicast source and the RP is the SPT tree
  2. RP and the receiver is built between the RPT tree
  3. Built between the RPT tree
  4. RP and the swap is the SPT tree
Correct answer: AB

Question 8

Is the following description of the BSR/RP mechanism correct? 

  1. PIM-SM domain can have more than one C-BSR, but only one BSR can be elected by the C-BSR that receives the C-RP Packets are collected C-one RP information
  2. BSR advertises BSR and C-RP information to all routers in the PIM-SM domain by flooding Bootstrap packets
  3. A C-BSR can also collect C-RP information by receiving C-RP packets
Correct answer: ABC

Question 9

What is the following description of LDP reliability?

  1. LGP GR (Graceful Restart) takes advantage of the high difference between the LS forwarding plane and the control plane to realize that the device forwards without interruption when the protocol is restarted or the master-standby is reversed
  2. Manually configured LDP FRR policy defaults to a 32-bit backup route that triggers LDP to establish a backup ISP
  3. The LDP ERR can also generate an ISP for a tag map from a non-optimal next hop, and create a forwarding table entry as a backup of the primary LSP
  4. LDP and LGP linkage, the need for IGP to suppress the release of routes, to ensure that LDP and LGP paths are consistent
Correct answer: B

Question 10

RD is used to distinguish the same IP address in different VPNs, how many bits does RD contain ? (Single choice)

  1. 64
  2. 32
  3. 16
  4. 128
Correct answer: A





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