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Exam Nutanix Certified Professional -Data Services
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File Name Nutanix Certified Professional -Data Services.VCEPlus.NCP-DS.2023-05-25.1e.98q.vcex
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Posted May 25, 2023
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Download Nutanix Certified Professional -Data Services.VCEPlus.NCP-DS.2023-05-25.1e.98q.vcex

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Demo Questions

Question 1

An administrator needs to upgrade Files in a dark site environment without LCM, Which set of actions should the administrator perform? 

  • A: Setup a web server and point prism to it to fetch the bits and then click Upgrade. 
  • B: Run any NCC checks related to Files and trigger an upgrade from Prism. 
  • C: Download the metadata and binary bits from the portal, upload then to prism and click Upgrade. 
  • D: Connect the cluster to the internet to perform the upgrade through prism. 

Correct Answer: C

Question 2

An administrator has been asked to create a new user account for an auditor during an audit event. The auditor will write data to a Files share. For confidentiality reasons the auditor’s tasks should be not analyzed by the system. How should the administrator configure File Analytics to accomplish this task? 

  • A: Restrict Files access for the auditor 
  • B: Create a dedicated share for the auditor in Files 
  • C: Define a blacklisting rule in File Analytics 
  • D: Grant anonymous access to the share used by the auditor. 

Correct Answer: C 

Question 3

What fields are included in Object Store alerts? 

  • A: Alert Time, Alert Type, Severity, Title, Message, UUID 
  • B: Title, Source, Impact, severity, resolved, Acknowledged and Create Time 
  • C: Name, Description, Severity, Created and Silenced 
  • D: Severity, Issues, Create Time, Last Occurred, Status, Entities, Documentation 

Correct Answer: C 

Question 4

A company has implemented a new Retention policy requiring all Human 
Resources Documents with these characteristics: 
Able to be stored for 7 years and then automatically deleted. 
Previous versions of the document must be retained for a minimum for 1 year. 
The company is currently using objects as the backend storage for all dat a. Which action best enforces the Retention Policy? 

  • A: Deploy a new bucket named “humanresources” and Enable Versioning with Permanently delete past versions after 2 years. Additionally enable Lifecycle Policies to Expire current objects after 7 years. 
  • B: Deploy a new bucket named “Human Resouces” and Enable Versioning with Permanently delete past versions after 1 year. Additionally enable Lifecycle Policies to expire current objects after 7 years. 
  • C: Deploy a new bucket name “Human Resources” and apply WORM for 7 years. Have the administrator write a script to clear out the data once the retention period is reached. 
  • D: Deploy a new bucket named “humanresources” and Enable Versioning with Permanently delete past versions after 7 years. Additionally enable Lifecycle Policies to Expire current objects after 1 year. 

Correct Answer: A 

Question 5

Refer to the exhibit. 

An administrator has been informed that a new workload will be deployed in six months with these characteristics. 
CPU: 210 GHz 
Memory: 600 GiB 
Storage:11.72 TiB 
Upon receiving the new project notification, the administrator creates a scenario to determine whether or not the Nutanix cluster has enough space capacity to properly handle the new workload. 
Why is the Overall Cluster runway showing that cluster resources are not exhausted (red color)? 

  • A: Target analysis timeframe starts after additional resources are added. 
  • B: There are enough available resources to support the new workload. 
  • C: Additional resources will be added before the new workload is added 
  • D: Target analysis timeframe ends before the new workload is added. 

Correct Answer: D 

Question 6

Which two configuration elements can an administrator find in the File Server -> FILE SERVER DETAILS tab? (choose two.) 

  • A: Share/Export Count. 
  • B: Total Number of Files. 
  • C: DNS Domain Name. 
  • D: Quarantined Files. 

Correct Answer: AC

Question 7

Which feature ensures that a host failure’s impact on a Files cluster will be minimal? 

  • A: VM-VM affinity rules 
  • B: VM-Host affinity rules 
  • C: VM-VM anti-affinity rules 
  • D: VM-Host anti-affinity rules 

Correct Answer: B

Question 8

Where can an administrator find the latency associated with a Files SMB Share? 

  • A: FSVM performance 
  • B: File Analytics Health 
  • C: ncli > fs get-file-servers-usage 
  • D: File Server Performance Tab 

Correct Answer: D

Question 9

What is the most likely cause of an Objects bucket that is shared with multiple users to approach its assigned capacity limit? 

  • A: Objects store capacity includes snapshots. 
  • B: Some multi-part operations are pending. 
  • C: Malware infections is causing the usage. 
  • D: Other users have written to the bucket. 

Correct Answer: D

Question 10

An administrator is tasked with creating an Objects store with the following settings ? 
Medium performance (around 10,000 requests per second) 
10 TiB capacity 
Versioning disabled 
Hosted on an AHV cluster 
Immediately after creation, the administrator is asked to change the name of Objects store. 
How will the administrator achieve this request? 

  • A: Enable versioning and then rename the Objects store, disable versioning. 
  • B: Delete and recreate a new Objects store with the updated name. 
  • C: The Objects store can only be renamed if hosted on ESXi. 
  • D: Update the name of the Objects store by using a CORS XML file. 

Correct Answer: B





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