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Exam Accredited Configuration Engineer
Number ACE
File Name Accredited Configuration Engineer.testking.ACE.2019-03-01.1e.172q.vcex
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Posted March 01, 2019
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Download Accredited Configuration Engineer.testking.ACE.2019-03-01.1e.172q.vcex

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Demo Questions

Question 1

In a Destination NAT configuration, the Translated Address field may be populated with either an IP address or an Address Object.

  • A: True
  • B: False

Correct Answer: A

Question 2

Color-coded tags can be used on all of the items listed below EXCEPT:

  • A: Address Objects
  • B: Zones
  • C: Service Groups
  • D: Vulnerability Profiles

Correct Answer: D

Question 3

Which of the following can provide information to a Palo Alto Networks firewall for the purposes of UserID?

  • A: Domain Controller
  • B: SSL Certificates
  • C: RIPv2
  • D: Network Access Control (NAC) device

Correct Answer: ABD

Question 4

When you have created a Security Policy Rule that allows Facebook, what must you do to block all other web browsing traffic?

  • A: Create an additional rule that blocks all other traffic.
  • B: When creating the policy, ensure that webbrowsing is included in the same rule.
  • C: Ensure that the Service column is defined as "applicationdefault" for this Security policy. Doing this will automatically include the implicit webbrowsing application dependency.
  • D: Nothing. You can depend on PANOS to block the webbrowsing traffic that is not needed for Facebook use.

Correct Answer: D

Question 5

As the Palo Alto Networks Administrator responsible for UserID, you need to enable mapping of network users that do not sign in using LDAP. 
Which information source would allow for reliable UserID mapping while requiring the least effort to configure?

  • A: Active Directory Security Logs
  • B: WMI Query
  • C: Captive Portal
  • D: Exchange CAS Security logs

Correct Answer: A

Question 6

Which of the following CANNOT use the source user as a match criterion?

  • A: Policy Based Forwarding
  • B: Secuirty Policies
  • C: QoS
  • D: DoS Protection
  • E: Antivirus Profile

Correct Answer: E

Question 7

Which statement below is True?

  • A: PANOS uses BrightCloud as its default URL Filtering database, but also supports PANDB.
  • B: PANOS uses PANDB for URL Filtering, replacing BrightCloud.
  • C: PANOS uses BrightCloud for URL Filtering, replacing PANDB.
  • D: PANOS uses PANDB as the default URL Filtering database, but also supports BrightCloud.

Correct Answer: D

Question 8

When configuring a Decryption Policy rule, which option allows a firewall administrator to control SSHv2 tunneling in policies by specifying the SSHtunnel AppID?

  • A: SSH Proxy
  • B: SSL Forward Proxy
  • C: SSL Inbound Inspection
  • D: SSL Reverse Proxy

Correct Answer: A

Question 9

What are two sources of information for determining whether the firewall has been successful in communicating with an external UserID Agent?

  • A: System Logs and the indicator light under the UserID Agent settings in the firewall.
  • B: Traffic Logs and Authentication Logs.
  • C: System Logs and an indicator light on the chassis.
  • D: System Logs and Authentication Logs.

Correct Answer: A

Question 10

What Security Profile type must be configured to send files to the WildFire cloud, and with what choices for the action setting?

  • A: A File Blocking profile with possible actions of “Forward” or “Continue and Forward”.
  • B: A Data Filtering profile with possible actions of “Forward” or “Continue and Forward”.
  • C: A Vulnerability Protection profile with the possible action of “Forward”.
  • D: A URL Filtering profile with the possible action of “Forward”.

Correct Answer: A





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