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Exam VMware vSphere 8-x Advanced Design
Number 3V0-21.23
File Name VMware.3V0-21.23.ExamDumps.2024-06-17.119q.tqb
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Posted Jun 17, 2024
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Download VMware.3V0-21.23.ExamDumps.2024-06-17.119q.tqb

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Demo Questions

Question 1

An architect is reviewing a physical storage design. The customer has specified that storage DRS will be used for ease of operational management for capacity and performance. 
Which recommendation should the architect include in the design?

  1. Create smaller datastores to balance space with Storage DRS
  2. Use a larger number of storage profiles (varied disk speeds and RAID levels) to improve performance
  3. Create larger datastores to balance space with Storage DRS
  4. Create more datastores within each Storage DRS cluster to balance space and performance
Correct answer: D

Question 2

A customer requests a review of its current vSphere platform design. 
The following information is noted:
  • There are three different workload profiles for the virtual machines:
  • Tier-1 virtual machines operate resource-intensive applications and require dedicated allocations for CPU and RAM. 
  • Tier-2 virtual machines operate internet-facing applications and require access to externally facing networks. 
  • Tier-3 virtual machines operate platform management tools such as vCenter Server and have different lifecycle management requirements. 
  • Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 virtual machines are all hosted on a single large vSphere cluster. 
  • The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has raised concerns that hosting externally facing applications alongside management tools does not meet internal compliance standards. 
  • The Operations team has raised concerns about Tier-1 virtual machines negatively impacting the performance of vCenter Server. 
  • The Operations lead has stated that management changes have consistently been rejected by application teams. 
As a result of the review, which recommendation should the architect make regarding the design of this platform?

  1. Separate Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 virtual machines using dedicated distributed virtual switches (DVS)
  2. Separate Tier-2 virtual machines onto a dedicated cluster
  3. Separate Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 virtual machines onto dedicated clusters
  4. Separate Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 virtual machines using resource pools and shares
Correct answer: C

Question 3

An architect is designing a new vSphere platform for a customer to meet the following requirements:
  • The platform must be deployed into five physically separate sites. 
  • The sites are spread across multiple regions. 
  • Some sites require more than one vCenter Server. 
  • The platform must provide an administrator with the ability to access virtual infrastructure components across all sites from a single management tool instance. 
Which single sign-on (SSO) design recommendation will meet these requirements?

  1. Use an SSO domain across all vCenter Server instances
  2. Use an SSO domain per region
  3. Use an SSO domain per vCenter Server instance
  4. Use an SSO domain per site
Correct answer: C





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